Gala Dinnner

Gala Dinner: Exploring the Delicious Dishes

The Gala Dinner event is held to celebrate, reward or engage an audience with a brand or service. The evening event is featured with three or four-course meal. You will be left amazed by the arrangements and the traditional food of Rajasthan. The hospitality of the Rajasthani people is remarkable. A place where authentic Rajasthani food is served is known as Cho-khi-Dhani. The food is arranged in such a way that you can enjoy the scenic beauty, it is the same way the Royal family used to eat.

An Evening at Village

Spending a Royal night at the authentic and traditional Village of Rajasthan becomes easier with us. The house of a ritual follower is selected to gain most out of the culture of the locals. At the entrance ladies dressed in Rajasthani costumes with Aarti, tikka and the garland welcome the guests. The folk dances in front of the guests to welcome them and offer the hospitality. At some locations snake charmer, astrologer and palmist are also there to entertain the audience. The traditional ceremony of gala dinner further continues. The guests are given mattresses to sit and enjoy the pleasant evening. The food is kept on the “bigots” (low tables), in “thalis” so that guest can enjoy the view and the delicious food. All the food is cooked right in front of you, it is made in the relishing “tawa” (griddle) and “kadai” (pan). The food includes “daal”, “subzi” and puri (bread) and the authentic daal-bit of Rajasthan. The puri is puffed with the vegetables and wheat and is very delicious. The food is gulped with some drinks from local shops. This drink is made from paan or orange fragrances. Dessert is one of the most delicious sweets you have ever tasted. Most common sweet dishes are Imarti, Ghevar Rabri and many more. At the end of the evening, the guests are accorded with a Royal send off.

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