Tents & Camps

Tent sand Camps Bringing in the Real Adventure for Tourists

Want to explore the real desert adventure? We arrange luxury desert camps where you can enjoy some beautiful moments exploring the true charm of the camps in Pushkar. The live sunrise here brings in that amazing feel exploring the moon cycles that give you the true joy and ecstasy. The desert features the mountains that give you a better experience in real time.

We here offer the following facilities:

Amenities Available

  • A bed that gives you a cozy feel
  • A bog verandah to sit feeling relaxed
  • Power plugs are available in the camps
  • A toilet with a good hygiene
  • Hot and cold water

Thus, you can lead a better lifestyle here and we help you to get a better experience while at the desert camps in Pushkar. We decorate the Swiss tents with candles, lantern, and marshals that bring in a thrilling feel enjoying the ultimate adventurous ambiance. You can find the twin beds with clean cotton linens that give it a crisp look. In the evening you can sit at the verandah discovering a dramatic atmosphere. And the delicious buffets with lip-smacking dishes carry a nice flavor of those traditional meals. In addition, the multi-cuisine barbecue comes out with a nice feel and your tour would become a successful one.

Organizing Royal Weddings

The luxury tented accommodations also help you to arrange royal weddings that would bring in a big smile on the bride’s face. You can create an artistic wedding that brings in a real creative touch making your wedding a glamorous one. So, if you want to arrange a royal wedding then our Swiss tents can be the best idea. You can come out with a nice traditional theme and your guests would love to enjoy your event until the end that gives you the ultimate confidence.

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